13 Random Thoughts While Binge Watching Fuller House

It should come as no surprise to you given my many #90s references in earlier posts, I was a Full House fan.


And as fan, I am one of the many across the country responsible for the 326k tweets (last checked at 4:24am) about the Fuller House premiere.

mmderosier 29 yrs

The creators had nostalgic-me at its inception. While I knew it would be corny and not likely to blend with today’s culture (and I was proven right), I devoured every article, cast photo tweet, teaser, and trailer that led to the debut. And it’s that same nostalgia and desire to take a stroll down memory lane to revisit very-much-missed old friends that had me binge watch the full season (13 episodes).


And, of course, I had thoughts while watching. Here are a few.

*Obligatory warning: spoilers included.*

  • It’s been 29 years! How’s that possible? 2016-1987=29. Hmm okay it’s possible.
  • 11 pm is a ridiculous time to start watching what you know is 1 of 13 episodes. As with potato chips, you never eat just one. No matter how much you convince yourself you will. Sooo tired.
  • Nostalgia is real.
  • I felt all the feelings. DJ confessing to baby Tommy that she’s overwhelmed and scared to parent 3 children on her own. Steff sharing with DJ that she can’t have kids. Danny unable to let go of his beloved couch.
  • Love the career choices for the ladies. A vet. A DJ (ironically, not DJ’s profession but her sister Stephanie’s). A party planner.
  • Thank you for not hiring Abercrombie models to play the kids. Though good looking, these actors can easily be found at any K-12 school or neighborhood mall in America. They’re not perfect, which makes them relatable.
  • The baby playing Tommy has great comedic timing. And those chubby cheeks are too adorable.
  • Fernando genuinely makes me laugh. And as dramatic as he is, it makes me happy that someone loves Kimmy to the core where most everyone else just tolerate her. Let them get married again.
  • I understand that the 25th anniversary vow renewal of Jesse and Becky was meant as a plot advancement for Kimmy and Fernando, but it made zero sense for the twins (Alex and Nicky) and Danny to be absent. It made even less sense that no one mentioned why.
  • Are Lori Loughlin and John Stamos drinking the blood of virgin unicorns? How can they look so amazing after all these years?
  • Some (most?) first loves should stay in the past. Just because there was chemistry once, doesn’t mean there will be again. I cried with DJ when she and Steve broke up as teenagers and loved that they reconnected in the final episode of the original show. However, the past, in this case, needs to remain in the past. The DJ and Steve of today have zero chemistry. It was awkward and uncomfortable watching the actors force it. Some doors are meant to stay close. And memories are meant to remain protected and taken out only every couple few years to reminisce. Then they should be returned where they belong.
  • Maybe Steve would have had a chance (that’s a very low probability) in my eyes if Matt was not in the picture. But he is. And the connection he and DJ share is electrifying. Wow. He just lights a fire in her that comes across from her very core. He makes her sparkle.
  • Just because you can go home again doesn’t mean you should. While I absolutely loved reconnecting with all these characters from my childhood, if this show is to survive it needs to find its own legs to stand own. Playing the nostalgia card has a short lifespan. Girl Meets World managed to transition nicely and I have hope that Fuller House can too. While I haven’t watched GMW beyond a couple of very early episodes, it’s thriving because it’s found a new audience who will love it as much as the Boy Meets World audience (like me) did. For FH to start bonding and building a relationship with a new generation it needs to keep the memories in the past. While they can be revisited every once in a rare while, they can’t keep being dragged into the present.

Would I watch again if the show is picked up for a second season? Probably. But I can only forgive so much more before I lose interest and delete my brother’s Netflix login. Side note: cable and streaming subscriptions are not part of the rain-on-sallie-mae plan. Yay for family members with no student debt.

Did you watch? What are your thoughts?