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Make It Rain On Sallie Mae

In August I shared that my husband and I decided to take control of our combined $128k student loans by breaking the debt into bite-size chunks.

This month kicks off our official goal:

Make It Rain On Sallie Mae Navient!

Aziz rain LARGE

Follow along as I provide weekly, bi-weekly (more like it), or monthly updates on how we’re “making it rain” on Sallie Mae with every spare penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and bill that we can find.

Statistics report the U.S. student loan debt at $1.2 TRILLION, so I assume a few of you are on this Titanic with us. Fortunately, we’ve watched the movie and know to prepare to avoid the iceberg.

*A quick pause to ponder life’s random thoughts: Rose didn’t have to hoard the wood. She could have moved a couple of inches to save Jack’s life. Just selfish.*


*End pause* While it’s too late to bring the ship back to shore, we can still be thoughtful and aggressive in avoiding the iceberg.

Some days it will drizzle more than rain, but I don’t care.

fo drizzle

Whatever we send above the minimum is going to be celebrated with champagne (aka tap water). A toast to November’s $75.56 worth of showers!

Month & Year Rain Method Rain Amount
November 2015 Budget Leftover $63
November 2015 Ebates $10.03
November 2015 Purse Find $2.53

Comment and let me know how you plan to make it rain on your loans.