About Me

I never knew I could grow up to be a pilot. I saw planes. I knew they were flown by humans. But it never occurred to me that I could be one of those humans.

That is why my life’s mission is to find and bring opportunities to those unaware that they too can dream big. The ones unable to do so because of lack of resources, or those ready to give up because age or circumstances say they can’t. Whatever the career dream – flying, underwater basket weaving, travel writing, or other career paths seldom represented in underserved communities – I support those willing to work.

With 13+ years of nonprofit experience, I’m creating the benefit corporation Pivot, a crowdfunding incubator that provides practical and financial support in the form of full-time training, education, mentoring, and networking to “stupidly employed” underresourced women and minorities seeking a career change.

“Stupid-employment” is our term for employment that limits one’s ability to earn a livable wage, to improve one’s social economic status, to find meaning in one’s work, or/and to make a lasting impact on society.

Pivot’s goal is to equip its graduates to do well for the sake of doing good. Program alumni will reinvest a percentage of their new and improved salary into the network and serve as mentors for incoming classes.

#DoWellDoGood #DoGoodDoWell #HopePusher



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